Cost-effective and sustainable solutions for Pipe extrusion industry
Water management to cater for this massive growth is increasingly critical. Today, too much water is being lost on its way to dwellings, factories and fields. New solutions are needed for supplying fresh water and carrying away and treating waste water. Gas distribution networks will need to be extended to supply energy. Agricultural irrigation systems also need to be improved in order to increase productivity from arable land. More smart solutions such as hydroponics and aquaculture are required. 
The sustainability of pipe networks needs to be improved. Plastics pipe systems will be an important part of that improvement, as they continue to replace more traditional materials (iron, concrete, clay) that are more expensive to produce and install, and more costly to maintain once in the ground. Energy can be much more efficiently used to make plastics pipes than steel and even concrete pipes. Plastics provide the best combination of resistance to corrosion, chemicals and abrasion, their low weight and high mechanical robustness makes them easier to install, and their smooth inner surfaces enable high flow rates, cutting energy consumption for fluid transmission. In summary, the use plastics piping can add considerable value and increase system reliability.