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Watering cutting HDPE PP PE pelletizer plastic scrap pelletizing machine

This HDPE plastic scrap pelletizing machine mainly do HDPE hard bottles ,PP PE hard flakes, or film, bags after agglomerating, Adopting
special screw design and different technical ,it also can produce etc. various plastic recycling and color mixing pelletizing.

Product Description
We have two types of PP PE pelletizer machine : one stage and two stags. 
Two stage HDPE pelletizing machine is especially good for the raw material which contain high moisture, high impurities.

The first stage extruder adopts exhaust type barrel screw, which can effectively de-gassing and eliminate the moisture and
contamination; And the second extruder usually adopts small L/D extruder, further plasticizing the material and filter contamination which can achieve stable extrusion.