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YATONG Double Stage Pelletizing line is mainly designed for processing Crushed PE.PP industrial waste, like poly bags , printed packing film , PP woven sack bags . This machine adopts European technology . It can also process recycled agriculture film . Since this machine is integrated with an agglomerator , so there is no need to use extra crusher to crush the big film pieces , but a pre-crushed material will be helpful to get a higher output . The barrel adopts vacuum degassing zone , so it can also process heavy printed film waste .


Product details:
As plastic is applied in more and more areas, waste plastic recycling emerges due to diverse area difference of cost and performance requirement. Through the firm’s own  efforts, YATONG Machinery developed plastic recycling and granulation machines aiming at processing various rigid plastic products from injection moulding, blow moulding, rotational moulding, etc. yatong Machinery provides customers with various options, such as different L/D ratios, multiple exhaust screw structures, single and double stage design, different kinds of pelletizing die, capacity 100-1000kg/h line depending on your choice.

Competitive Advantages: 

This line introduces Japanese technique, it can directly put PE/PP material into single-screw extrusion line for granulation after crushed and washing. 2.The extruder use large L/D screw, it bears special exhaust equipment and it can wipe off the liquid water content effectively and get high output. 3. All parts contacting with plastic material and water are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel; Ensure no second pollution to flakes. 4.Schneider contactor, OMRON temperature controller 5.This line use water-ring pelletizer, granules are uniform and beautiful.

Main feature:

1. Highly automatic, user-friendly control, highly efficient, environmental protection and energy saving;
2. Different pelletizing ways, such as cold strand, water-ring, and underwater for various raw materials and production
3. Multi-stations screen changer and automatic screen changing design can reduce manual labor and improve operation convenience;
4. Single and double stage, multi-exhaust and filtering system ensure high quality and products;
5. Suitable for diverse materials processing, also can specially design the machine for one material or different materials, which can reduce customer's investment cost.