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Application & Characteristic :

PET recycling is an important step towards improving the environment and reduce carbon footprints .YATONG plastic PET washing line is designed to recycle different kinds of dirty bottles , like oil bottle , Coco Colar bottle ,etc. After washing , usually the material will go for further processing- pelletizing and then the granule can be used to makde different kinds of plastic products .we can make a proper design based on your requirements .


Product Description

•  plastic pet bottle recycling machine is mainly used to recycling the waste PET bottles, water bottles, cola bottles and so on.

•  plastic pet bottle recycling machine includes: conveyor belt, label remover(dry type or water type), sorting system,metal detecting system, plastic granulator or crusher, sink-float washing tank, hot washing system, frication washer, dewatering machine, thermal dryer, label/dust/fin separator and packing system.
• plastic pet bottle recycling machine can easily remove the labels, caps, rings, glue, dirties and other impurities, finally you will get ideal PET flakes.
• All your requirements of pet bottle recycling machine will be customized.

Belt Conveyor  →Label remover machine → Sorting table→Belt Conveyor  → Crusher  → Screw loader→ Float washing tank→ Friction washing machine → Screw loader→Hot washer tank → High-speed friction washing machine → Floating washing tank → Dewatering machine → hot air dryer system → Silo

Machines line lists and fuctions:

SN:Item name:Function
1Bale Opener machineFeeding the material equally
2ConveyorFeeding material
3Trommel separatorRemove the sand, rocks and other dirty from the bottles
4ConveyorFeeding material
5Label RemoverRemove labels from Bottles
6Manual sorting tableSorting out remain labels, remain different bottles and so on
7CrusherCrushing the bottles into flakes
8Screw ConveyorConveying material
91st Auto floating washing tankWashing out the Floating caps, rings and dirty
101st High Speed Friction washerWith high speed Friction Washing out dirty
11Hot washing tankWith Hot water washing and chemical to remove glue, oil, and dirty
12Screw ConveyorConveying material
132nd High Speed Friction washerWith high speed Friction Washing out dirty and Chemical water from flakes
142nd Auto floating washing tankWashing out chemicals, floating caps, rings and dirty,
153rd Auto floating washing tankWashing out floating caps, rings and dirty,
16Horizontal Dewatering MachineRemove the humidity from the flakes
17Hot Air Drying systemDrying the flakes
18Air ClassifierRemove the fin dust and small labels
19Automatic packing systemCollecting the flakes
20Electrial contol panelUsed to control the whole Line
21Free spare parts
PET bottle washing/recycling machine/line/plant can be customized according to your requests.

• Labor saving. The bale opening and feeding system we provide will equally feed the material.
• You can use the manually sorting system to selecting out different color bottles and non-PET material
• Metal detector is optional for you which used to take out any kind of metal from the PET bottles
• Specially designed PET bottle granulator can easily get high output and with water doing wet griding can
reduce wear of blades.
• High speed dewatering machine and drying system will insure the final PET flakes moisture<1%
• The Fin dust separator machine will remove the final labels from the flakes to guarantee the PVC content.

• plastic pet bottle recycling machine is specially designed to produce fiber use PET flakes.
• The flakes can be used for the 2-D, 3-D PSF, filament yarn, PET strap, PET sheet or PET film.
• plastic pet bottle recycling machine can adopt the PLC automatic control of the full line to control the final products quality and save energy.
• plastic pet bottle recycling machine can be equipped with the Europe automatic material sorting system and color sorting system.
• plastic pet bottle recycling machine can be customized according to the raw material and customer requirement.