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Product Description of  PET bottle recycling line 

PET bottle recycling line is mainly used for crushing, washing, palletizing of PET bottles to realize auto separation for caps and labels: belt conveyer, crusher, steam washer, scrubbing washing unit, rinsing and precipitation washing unit, centrifugal dewatering unit, hot air flow drying unit, and electric control cabinet. Which capability arrange 300-2000KG/h.


Main Advantage of  PET bottle recycling line  pet bottle washing line

1.Automotive line for recycling the PET bottles and other waste plastic profile, except the film.

2. The final product is the cleaning flakes, if you want the final product is pellets, we should equip the granulator line again.


Process flow of  PET bottle recycling line  pet bottle washing line

Belt conveyer → Rolling separator →Manual pick table → Metal separator → Belt conveyer → Crusher → Label Separator → Hot washer 1 → Friction washing machine → Hot washer 2 → High-speed friction washing machine → Rinsing tank → Spray washing→ Dewatering machine → Blower dryness system → Storage hopper → Finished product packing


Features  pet bottle washing line

Capacity: 300—2000kg per hour

Moisture of PET Flakes: Less Than 5%

Cap &Label separate with the PET bottle flakes automatically

Bottle Types: PET Bottle, Plastic Bucket, Water Bottle, Coke Bottle,