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Range of application

(1) medical and health cloth: protective clothing, disinfectant cloth, masks, diapers, women's sanitary napkins, etc.;

(2) domestic decoration cloth: wall cloth, table cloth, bed sheet, bedspread, etc.;

(3) cloth for following: lining, adhesive lining, flocs, shaping cotton, various synthetic leather sole cloth, etc.;

(4) industrial cloth: filtration material, insulation material, cement packing bag, geotextile, covering cloth, etc.;

(5) agricultural cloth: crop protection cloth, seedling cloth, irrigation cloth, heat preservation curtain, etc.;

(6) others: space cotton, insulation materials, linoleum, smoke filter, tea bags, etc.

The melt spray cloth filter material is randomly distributed by polypropylene microfiber bonded together, the appearance is white, flat, soft, the fineness of the material fiber is 0.5-1.0m, the random distribution of the fiber provides more opportunities for the thermal bonding between the fibers, so that the melt spray gas filter material has a larger specific surface area, higher porosity (≥75%). Through high pressure electret filtration efficiency, the product has the characteristics of low resistance, high efficiency and high dust capacity.

In response to special circumstances, the machine can also be designed in accordance with the two-step overall design, strengthen the plasticizing function, ensure high speed and high performance stable extrusion, special barrier comprehensive mixing design, ensure the mixing effect of materials, high shear and low melt plasticizing temperature to ensure the material of high performance low temperature and low voltage metering extrusion. Design concept and characteristics: high speed and high yield extrusion on the basis of high and flat.

The working principle of

Plastic extruder from the birth to now has been through more than two hundred years of development, now the single screw extruder technology has been very mature, generally the single screw extruder according to the screw can be divided into three working areas: conveying section, compression section, metering section.

The last thread of the feed port is called the conveying section at the beginning. The material at this stage cannot be plasticized. It is important for conveying materials. In some large diameter extruder will be installed with cooling device, to prevent material plasticization, to avoid the impact of material melting material conveying speed.

When the material passes through the conveying section, it enters the compression section. At this stage, the volume between the screw and the barrel decreases and the temperature reaches the plasticizing temperature. The material will be compressed. (reduction from initial volume to 1/3 of original volume, this is called screw compression ratio 3:1)

When the material has finished plasticizing, it will enter the metering section and quantitatively transport the melt material to the machine head for production needs.

Product features:

Adopt special reducer of guomao extruder, big brand, stable quality, long life.

The motors are selected from Siemens and other brands.

Advanced electrical control system, professional engineers for the extruder customers according to the actual situation with humanized operation control system.

Single screw extruder is simple in design and cheap in price.

Technical parameters:

Model    L/D     Rotated(rpm)  Power(kW) Height(mm)  



After-sales service:

1) the company adopts the after-sales service mode of whole-process telephone tracking for the supplied equipment;

2). The warranty period shall start from the date when the equipment installation and debugging is completed and both parties pass the acceptance inspection. If the main parts of the equipment are damaged due to non-human reasons within one year, the company shall be responsible for free maintenance or replacement of the old parts;

3). After one year, the company will charge maintenance fee lower than the market cost price and provide lifelong technical services;

4). Set up installation, daily maintenance and maintenance service files, and make detailed records of the use, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment;

5). Make regular telephone return visits to solve specific problems encountered in the operation of the equipment and prevent them from happening;

6). Provide technical training on the use, simple maintenance and maintenance of the whole set of equipment;

7). We will comprehensively consider the after-sales service of the equipment in terms of management and technology, so as to provide comprehensive guarantee for the system with fewer problems and no problems;

8). Within the warranty period: the problems of the equipment shall be solved by hot line. If the problems cannot be solved by phone, our company will send personnel to the site to solve them.