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Product Description

Twin Screw Extruder Pet Recycling Machine PET Pelletizing Machine

1) Plastic filling and modification, color masterbatch, reinforcing material with fiber, cable granule, spring material, recycle plastic granulating etc.
2) Plastic grafting, reaction extruding, devolatilization.
3) Plastic pipe, profile, plastic strips....extrustion line.
4)Degradable material, WP powder, iron powder, magnetism powder etc.
parallel twin screw extruder is mainly for labrotatory testing or testing period of pellets etc.

Main Advantages of Twin Screw Extruder Pet Recycling Machine PET Pelletizing Machine

1) Main electronical parts are made of world famous brands: SIEMENS BEIDE motor, ABB speed control inverter, NSK driven bear, DANFOSS electro-magnetic valve, CHINT air switch, SCHNEIDER apparatus and buttons, RKC temperature control etc
2) Cutting system: special water chute for pet pelletizing machine, without break of the material strand,
Bigger model cutting system:water-cooling strand, air-cooling strand, air-cooling hot face, water-ring hot face,
underwater etc.
3) Before sales technical support: choosing most suitable and economical machine model and cutting system for customers by our sophisticated technicians.
4) Recipe recommendation for clients needed.
5) One year warranty, and free technical support after one year.
6) Engineers available overseas for installation and training, or free training for customers engineers in our factory.
7) Experienced R&D, Production and Sales Teams.


Main technical Parameter: