Parallel Twin Screw Extruder
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Parallel Twin Screw Extruder

  • YT75


  • 84778000

Product Description

Parallel Twin Screw Extruder


Product Description

1. The twin-screw extruder adopts side feed technology to improve the integrity of the material and greatly increase the output. The position and shape of the feeding port also have a great influence on the feeding efficiency. The same parameter increases the feed area and the output increases. The rectangular cross-section has a higher supply efficiency than the circular cross-section in the same entrance area. The use of side biaxial feed is also based on this idea.

2. Twin screw extruder has strong self-cleaning ability. Since the two threaded sleeves are wound together, the contacting part forms a continuous space curve with uniform intervals. When the two rotate at the same time, the space curve moves together to form the self-control effect between the screws. At the same time, the adhesive on the surface of the screw is removed to ensure that there is no residue.

3. The dough block can mix materials inside. Using a twin-screw extruder to increase the quantity of dough can increase the number of times and improve the quality of the dough. The pressure inside the fabric area increases, the fabric resistance increases, the fabric strength increases, and the fabric quality is significantly improved.

4. The screw meshing of the internationally advanced dynamic rotating double-shaft machinery realizes equal-space meshing, which greatly improves the self-made performance and processing ability of the screw, and expands the application field.

5. The twin-screw extruder is highly adaptable. For high-viscosity materials, it can be processed with a low shear rate of shallow groove threads. Deep groove thread is suitable for projects with high shear rate and high thread speed, improving extrusion quality and production volume.

Main Technical Parameter

TSSK-20A 21.7 600 4/5.5 5.2 5-15
TSSK-36A 35.6 600 11/18.5 5.1 30-70
TSSK-36B 35.6 500/600 18.5/22 5.2 50-150
TSSK-36D 35.6 800 22/37 7.9 150-250
TSSK-50A 50.5 600 45/55/75 5.2 100-200
TSSK-50B 50.5 400/500/600 45/55/75 5.3 150-280
TSSK-52B 51.4 400/500/600 45/55/75 5.3 150-280
TSSK-52D 51.4 800 55/75/90 5.4 250-400
TSSK-65A 62.4 500/600 55/75/90 6.1 250-450
TSSK-65B 62.4 400/500/600 90/110/132 5.9 280-550
TSSK-65D 62.4 900 110/132/160 10.3 450-750
TSSK-75A 71 500/600 90/110/132 5.6 480-750
TSSK-75B 71 400/500/600 132/160/185 5.7 500-900
TSSK-75D 71 600/900/1200 160-355 10.6 800-1800
TSSK-85B 81 400/500/600 160/220/280 8.2 750-1800
TSSK-95B 93 400/500/600 280/315/355 8.9 800-2500
TSSK-95D 93 600/900 800 9.1 2500-3500
TSSK-110B 93 400/500/600 280/315/355 9.8 2800-4000

Remark: If the equipment or the technological parameters have some change, we shall not make a notice separately

Transportation and Packing

• For the loose cargo we will packing by wooden box
• For the full container loading we are packing the machine by film and some on pallet accordingly
• We can ship the goods by air or by sea
• We will send pictures of cargo loading to our client to check and keep recording
• We can send cargo to client's warehouse to loading

After Sales Service

Do you know our service?

1. The machine inspection before delivery in YATONG MACHINERY When you come to our factory .Check everything is it ok .

2. Free of charge of some necessary spare part.

3. One year guaranteeof all the machines running , if any problem ,we will bear. Of course if the machines after one year ,you also can ask for the technical guidance

4. 1-2 technical engineers will be come to your factory to installation and commissioningthe machines and train your workers if you need.

5. We accept 30% TT down payment, 70% TT or LC at sight before delivery

6. Film packing or plywood packing suit for sea shipping.

Company Profile

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