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Plastic Mixing Machine Mixing Dryer Plastic Mixer

  • 500kg


  • 84778000

Product Description

Plastic Mixing Machine  Mixing Dryer  Plastic Mixer

India-Nitish -2ton mixing dryer

Product Description

GA series of vertical mixing dryer, it can make different kind of plastic granule in the barrel spiral up and down, mixing the material perfectly, you can get uniform material of different ratio, also it can use heater fan to make the material dry, it can be supporting machine of all kinds of injection and extrusion machine.

GA series of vertical mixing dryer adopts advance design, it is convenient and safe for operation, low energy consumption and low noise.

Specification :

Model Feeding capacity Volume Heating power Fan power Mixing motor Feeding motor
GA-500 500 1000 18KW 0.37KW 2.2KW 0.75KW
GA-1000 1000 2000 21KW 0.55KW 2.2KW 0.75KW
GA-2000 2000 4000 30KW 1.1KW 3KW 0.75KW
GA-3000 3000 6000 36KW 1.5KW 4KW 1.1KW
GA-5000 5000 10000 42KW 2.2KW 4KW 1.1KW

REMARK : if the equipment or technological parameters have some change , we shall not make a notice separately .

Detail instruction:

1. Automatic timing,

2. overload protection function;

3. this series machine covers an small area

4. low power consumption,

5. easy to operate, saves time and effort,

6. mixing evenly and quickly ,stir with a heating and drying, etc.,

7. barrel body Material is stainless steel type

8. capacity is 0.3-5 tons

Special Features:

1. Computerized control functions, temperature and time(1 min to 90 hours 99 min),offeing high accuracy and consistent drying

2. PID temperature control

3.Over heating alarm system(blower remain on for 5 min afterswitch off the heater)

4. Automatic heater protecting device(210 degree)

5. Good insulated cover to maintain consistent temperature and minimize power consumption

6. Stainless steel trays to prevent contamination

7. Adjustable aire valve, motor over load relay

Vertical Plastic Mixer Dryer / Plastic Mixing And Drying Machine

After Sales Service

1. The machine inspection before delivery in YATONG MACHINERY When you come to our factory .Check everything is it ok .

2. Free of charge of some necessary spare part.

3. One year guaranteeof all the machines running , if any problem ,we will bear. Of course if the machines after one year ,you also can ask for the technical guidance.

4. 1-2 technical engineers will be come to your factory to installation and commissioningthe machines and train your workers if you need.

5. We accept 30% TT down payment, 70% TT or LC at sight before delivery.

6. Film packing or plywood packing suit for sea shipping.

Company Profile

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