What are the characteristics of plastic shredder?
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What are the characteristics of plastic shredder?

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What are the characteristics of plastic shredder?

plastic shredder refers to the crushing of various plastic plastics and rubbers such as plastic profiles, pipes, rods, threads, films, and waste rubber products. Pellets can be directly extruded as raw materials for production. This kind of machinery adopts alloy steel blade and has a long service life.

What are the characteristics of plastic shredder?

What are the structural characteristics of plastic shredder?

What are the characteristics of plastic shredder?

What are the characteristics of plastic shredder?

The discharge size of plastic shredder can be adjusted according to user requirements. The plastic shredder equipment adopts automatic control, and has the functions of starting, stopping, reversing and overloading automatic reversal control, so that the user can reduce the damage to the equipment due to operation errors. According to the different needs of customers, different tool configurations are replaced. The shredder shaft adopts heat treatment process, so that the wearing parts of the whole machine are wear-resistant and durable, and the use is greatly improved. The double-shaft plastic shredder is driven by a reducer, which has the characteristics of low speed, high torque and low noise. The speed of shredding materials is increased, the output is greatly improved, and the dual-axis plastic shredder is compatible with wood, metal, metal buckets, scrapped cars, air conditioners, washing machines, rubber, circuit boards, and wires.

What are the structural characteristics of plastic shredder?

The plastic shredder adopts a separate design, which is easy to repair and clean, and has a double-layer structure. It is equipped with sound insulation materials, and the noise is very low. The relevant pulverization theory of impact pulverization studies the mechanism of ordinary plastic pulverization and recycling by plastic pulverizers at room temperature.

The effects of process parameters such as rotational speed, feeding particle size, feeding speed and position of the discharge port on the plastic crushing effect were studied through plastic crushing experiments. According to its structural properties and the description of the plastic powder, combined with the high frequency, high speed, high stress and high strain rate collision characteristics of the powder in the pulverizer, it is proposed that the pulverization effect belongs to the brittle fracture. When the plastic shredder of plastic material is crushed, when the injection molding machine or the granulator produces raw materials, the defective products and nozzle materials produced can be put into the plastic shredder at the side of the machine in time.

What are the characteristics of plastic shredder?

1. The plastic shredder has stable operation and low noise

2. The plastic shredder is equipped with different equipment configurations according to different crushing materials to make the crushing smoother

3. The plastic shredder has a beautiful structure, small footprint, convenient installation and movement

4. plastic shredder's all-steel frame and base enhance the stability of the body

5. plastic shredder can be equipped with a feeder to save labor costs

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