What is the function of the plastic shredder?
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What is the function of the plastic shredder?

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What is the function of the plastic shredder?

The plastic shredder is suitable for shredding all kinds of metal waste, wood, plastic, frame material, waste conveyor belt, file cabinet, oil filter, waste TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, washing machine, computer, mobile phone, freezer, etc. Household appliance waste and household appliance shells, CDs, glass wool, glass, office material waste, motor housing, electrical appliance waste, battery housing, steel furniture, etc.

What role does the plastic shredder play?

What's a plastic shredder?

What is the function of the plastic shredder?

What role does the plastic shredder play?

As a former plastic shredder, the plastic shredder has reached a very mature level in application and development. In terms of structure, the machine adopts the principle of blade shearing, which can smash various plastic bottles and fruit baskets for reuse. Purpose. As an existing new type of shredder, the plastic shredder is mainly divided into single-axis plastic shredders, two-axis plastic shredders and four-axis plastic shredders. Driven by the mutual tearing and shearing action of the blades to achieve the purpose of crushing.

What's a plastic shredder?

Plastic shredders are used for shredding plastic waste and factory plastic waste. Plastic shredders are widely used in plastic waste recycling and factory waste recycling. The motor power of the plastic crusher is between 3.5 and 150 kilowatts, the speed of the cutting roller is usually between 150 and 500/min. In terms of structure, there are tangential feeding and pot feeding; The knife rollers differ from solid knife rollers and hollow guide rollers. The plastic crusher is mainly used for crushing various plastics and rubbers such as plastic profiles, pipes, rods, threads, foils, rubber waste. The granules can be used directly for extrusion and injection molding. Plastic crusher SWP-450 is an ideal equipment for recycling large profiles and pipes; It has large crushing capacity, high power, stable working performance, and is equipped with automatic suction machine, which improves the degree of automation of the machine. The plastic crusher SWP-630 is a special equipment for crushing large plastic hollow containers, bulkhead materials and sheet materials.

What is the function of the plastic shredder?

The plastic shredder is suitable for crushing all kinds of small and medium sized plastic pipes such as PE, PVC pipes, silicone core pipes and other pipes for crushing and recycling. Round tube type feed hole is specially designed for crushing pipe materials, which is suitable for crushing long pipes and improves working efficiency. The plastic shredder can be equipped with suction fan and storage bucket to form a pipe shredding and recycling system that can fully exploit the recycling efficiency. Sealed bearings are used to keep the bearings running well for a long time; The blade design is reasonable and the product is evenly granulated. The blade seat is heat shrunk and the appearance is beautiful and generous.

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