Yatong Waste Plastic Crushing Washing line Recycling Production Machine
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Yatong Waste Plastic Crushing Washing line Recycling Production Machine

  • 500kg , 1000kg , 2000kg


  • 84778000

Product Description

Yatong Waste Plastic Crushing Washing line Recycling Production Machine


Product Description

We are a leading PET bottle recycling company in china We are recycling dirty PET bottles from the trash dumps into clean PET flakes. We would like to offer you newest PET recycling technology, Is suited for recycling of highly contaminated PET-bottles into very clean PET flakes (Bottle-to-Bottle quality). Unique patented technology of Controlled Friction, delivers very high degree of purity of the final product and minimal operating costs.

Introducing our professional-grade PET bottle cleaning production line, designed to efficiently recycle used PET plastic bottles. Our state-of-the-art machinery is capable of crushing and cleaning these bottles, allowing the collected materials to be repurposed and utilized in the production of secondary PET materials. Each step of the process is expertly executed, ensuring that the final product is of the highest quality and meets industry standards. With our PET bottle cleaning production line, you can be confident in your ability to make a positive impact on the environment while producing top-quality materials. Choose our product today and see the difference it can make for your business.

Working flow of  waste pet bottle recycling plant:
Bale breaker →Bottle conveyer→ Label separator → Belt conveyer → Crusher → Screw conveyer→ Washing tank → Screw conveyer → Hot washer → (High-speed friction washing machine) → Screw conveyer → Washing tank→ Horizontal washer→Screw conveyer→ Dewatering machine→ Blower drying system → Storage hopper → Finished product packing


Product Name: Waste PET bottle recycling machine
Electric consumption(KW): From 100KW to 300KW per hour
Water consumption(Tons): From 2tons to 8tons per hour (the water can be recycled and use )
Working voltage: 380V, 3PHASE, 50HZ or customized
Flake size(mm): 14mm or customized
Moisture: Less than 1.8% ( By using our new design of horizontal dewatering machine unit )
PVC (PPM) Less than 30PPM of plastic recycle line

REMARK : if the equipment or technological parameters have some change , we shall not make a notice separately .

Quick Details:
Raw material : Baled Waste PET Bottle or Bulk Waste PET Bottle  
Final product : Clean PET Flake
Capacity : 300, 500 , 1000, 1500, 3000kg/h
Water consumption : water can be recycled use
Electric consumtion : 70% of Installation power consumption
Final PET Density : 0.3G/M2
Total impurity contain : 320ppm
PVC : 20ppm
Metal: 20ppm
PE-PP :200ppm
Final PET Flake size : 14-16mm or customized
We have CE Certificate for exporting the machine units to Foreigh market

Features and Application:
1. Through washing several times, earth and sand can be removed; also PE label and part of PVC labels can be separated.
2. Manual selecting can get rid of bottles of different material, label scrap, metal and other rubbish; this offers a safe way to go on the next procedures.
3. Specially designed crusher for PET bottles, smooth feeding and out, low energy consumption and noise. Strong structure, low maintain cost with long working life. Wet crusher also helps to clean the bottles and reduce PET scraps so that the using life of blades can be saved a lot.
4. Float washing, heat washing, friction washing aims to the finally purify of bottles, mainly rely on three power: mechanical, chemical and heat. Labels, caps, clue and other dirty things can be removed.
5. Dewater and packing mainly dewater the flakes and pack them.

Packaging & Shipping
Confirmed all .We will pack the each part as the loading quantity by the shrinking film .the parts all packed by wooden case or boxes .Each step we all done very well to avoid any demage when  arrived the destination port .


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