Yatong Plastic window profile Extrusion machine
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Yatong Plastic window profile Extrusion machine

  • SJSZ65


  • 84778000

Product Description

Yatong Plastic window profile Extrusion machine

Product Description

PET strap extrusion machine / productin line is a new equipment which is development by our company collecting advantage of the same kind of domestic machinery through long-time production ecperience, combing charateristics of plastics industry of our country. It adopts frequency motor as its power. Soft connection of mechanical transmission. It is precision and smooth, saving power and time, low noise. Though improving gradually, there are new strap band production line(two band from a extruder) from our company. It can produce two band at the same time. Not only saving labor power but also increasing the capacity twice, and it can make use of waster bottle pieces to produce entirely, it each parameter all reach to the standard of the new feed, and can recycle the material. Make the costreduction and the profit increase.

NO. Name Output(kg/h) Width(mm) Electricity consumption(kw) Cooling method
1 65 Single 50-60 9-20 45-50 Calender
2 65 Double 50-60 9 ,11,13,16 45-50 Water tank
3 75 Single 80-90 9-25 55-60 Calender
4 75 Double 110-120 11,13,16,19 55-60 Water tank
5 90 Double
19,16,12.7,9 70-90 Water tank
6 120 Fourfold or parallel extrusion 250 32,25,19(Double)
150-170 Water tank

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